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Young Artist Competition - Gallery GM 2016
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Gazette&Herald 2015 - Dancers help WI mark 100th anniversary with Gallery GM and Sarah Guesten-Marr
North Yorkshire artist Sarah Güsten-Marr heads
to Liberia for emotional homecoming
Gazette&Herald 2015 - Dancers help WI mark 100th anniversary with Gallery GM and Sarah Guesten-Marr
The Press 2015 - Dancers help WI mark 100th anniversary with Gallery GM and Sarah Guesten-Marr
Hyperallergic Sensitive to Art and its Discontents - Gallery GM and Sarah Guesten-Marr
International Youth Arts Festival Kingston and Sarah Guesten-Marr 2015
Young Artist Competition 2015 at Gallery GM
Young Artist Competition 2015 at Gallery GM
Young Artist Competition 2015 at Gallery GM

Young Artist Competition

Open Call

Press Release

Young artists in North Yorkshire are being given a chance to show their work at Gallery GM in the Vale of York. The competition will be open to artists aged 18 - 26. The idea is to give them a chance to exhibit their work in a professional gallery.
”From the beginnings of time the arts have been a fundamental part in our societies. Being an artist has allowed me to understand, that art is one of our great healers. I have been able to bring people together from different walks of live. Something that I will always consider to be a great privilege. I have been very grateful to be able to support fellow artists with the success of my paintings and the use of Gallery GM. A cycle that I will make sure to continue and believe to be very important”

Sarah Güsten-Marr

If you are interested in knowing more about the Gallery GM Artist Competition, please contact

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Gallery GM Invitation Summer Exhibition 2015!
Interview with Sarah Güsten-Marr about the launch of the Gallery GM Artist-In-Residence Program with a look into the studio space of Güsten-Marr and at Gallery GM’s first Artist-In-Residence Sharmain Forde. Güsten-Marr and Ms. Forde will be exhibiting in Gallery GM’s upcoming summer exhibition COMPILATION opening in June.



Sarah Güsten-Marr & Sharmain Forde

Gallery GM is delighted to announce that Gallery GM's upcoming Summer Exhibition will be on show from 7 June 2015. This collaborative exhibition entitled 'Compilation' will feature new paintings by Sarah Güsten-Marr, as well as site specific artworks by Sharmain Forde. Ms. Forde is Gallery GM's current Artist-In-Residence.

Please note that Gallery GM is open by appointment only. To schedule a time to visit, please contact

Selection of new paintings 2015 coming soon!





Gallery GM is excited to announce the launch of its Artist-in-Residence program. The goal of the Gallery GM program is to support the development of artists of diverse age, backgrounds and disciplines. We at Gallery GM believe that running our own Artist-in-Residence program is a true honour, and look forward to connecting artists from all over the world with the art and culture of North Yorkshire. The Artist-in-Residence program provides an opportunity for artists to live and practice at Gallery GM’s Dykeland Farm location in the beautiful Vale of York. The artist chosen to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program will also have the chance to work alongside the founder of Gallery GM Sarah Guesten-Marr.

Gallery GM is proud to announce that the talented Sharmain Forde will be our first ever Artist-in-Residence. Ms. Forde will be taking up residence for the month of May at Dykelands Farm in the Vale of York. We thank Ms. Forde for supporting Gallery GM’s Artist-in-Residence program and are truly thrilled for our joint summer exhibition featuring the work of Sharmain Forde and new works by Gallery GM artist Sarah Guesten-Marr.

Sharmain Forde

Sharmain Forde - artist - Gallery GM exhibition.jpg
Sharmain Forde is part of a new global art movement, the self ordained independent artist. Much of her work speaks to the issues of visibility and invisibility, the ideas of concealment and perception are central to her work. Developing a challenging practice, a lot of her work partakes in an institutional critique, a commentary on the way reputations are manifested and value is made in the art world.

As a conceptual artist, Forde employs a range of post studio artistic mediums, painting, sculpture, sound instillations and video, choosing the medium or combination that amplifies and visually articulates the subjects qualities. Forde often employs humour to address complex issues. Her work is rooted in the reality of everyday life that connects collective memories, local histories and cultural identity.

An artist and curator Forde lives and works in London. She is mother to Ex-Premiership Footballer, art enthusiast and art gallery owner Damien Francis.

As Artist-In-Residence, Forde will explore new ways of working in response to her idyllic environment, continuing her ongoing artistic enquiry in a space made for experimentation and innovation.


Please note that Gallery GM is open by appointment only. For more information regarding the Artist-in-Residence program and summer exhibition, please contact

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